Our Dental Treatments

  • Routine Care

    Routine Care

    Your Dental Examination involves a lot more than just looking at the teeth. In addition your medical history will be closely checked as many conditions and medications can affect the […]

  • Preventative Care

    Preventative Care

    We believe that the best way of treating patients is to prevent them needing treatment at all. To this end there are a wide variety of preventative treatments available, particularly […]

  • Hygienist


    Our experienced Hygienist, Judie Henfry, has her own dedicated surgery within the practice and undertakes the majority of the scaling/polishing treatments on our Denplan and Private patients. She also is actively […]

  • White fillings

    White fillings

    The science of dental materials has changed a lot in recent years and nowhere more so than in the type of materials we are using in your back teeth. Whilst […]

  • Crowns/Bridges


    Sometimes a filling becomes so large that there is constant risk of repeated fracture and a crown, or cap, must be placed around the tooth to preserve it’s integrity. Depending […]

  • Veneers


    A veneer is essentially a thin piece of very strong porcelain bonded to the outside or visible part of a tooth in order to give that tooth a different appearance, […]

  • Orthodontics


    We are pleased to offer a range of private orthodontic treatments. Our orthodontist is Liz Roberts who has worked at the practice for 16 years, developing her special interest in […]

  • Tooth Whitening

    Tooth Whitening

    Genuine Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening is the most advanced Zoom Teeth Whitening system available today. Zoom takes approximately 1 Hour to Whiten teeth by an average of 8 shades.The Zoom Advanced […]

  • Dentures


    For many years from the opening of the practice in 1970 we have been proud to provide dentures and have built up a considerable wealth of experience and expertise in […]

  • Gum Shields

    Gum Shields

    Available in a wide variety of colours and designs (except for West Brom colours) our mouth-guards are precision made on impressions taken in the surgery. These are essential for anyone […]

  • Anti-snoring devices

    Anti-snoring devices

    They may look like an instument of torture but suprisingly they are actually not that uncomfortabe to wear and they make a tremendous difference to the plight of the poor […]

  • Tooth Jewellery

    Tooth Jewellery

    Available in a large variety of shapes and designs we use “tooth gems“. Fitting takes about 10-15 minutes and is completely painless as there is no drilling, the jewelry being […]