How does Denplan Care Work?

Denplan Care is a contract that allows your dentist to provide ongoing preventive dental care. Denplan Care can also include an optional Supplementary Insurance to contribute towards the cost of treatment required as a result of dental accidents or emergencies.

When you choose to become a Denplan Care patient, your dentist will assess your dental health and agree with you a programme of preventative care. Any treatment needed will be carried out before your Denplan Care contract begins.

Your Denplan assessment will place you into one of five categories depending on your previous and current Oral Health. The monthly Denplan care fee spreads the cost of your ongoing routine and preventative dental care and treatment.

For the dental care you receive under Denplan Care, you are in contract with your Dentist. For the Supplementary Insurance element you are in contract with Simply Health Group and with Denplan for insurance services.

Your payment is collected by Denplan, normally via a monthly Direct Debit which includes an optional Supplementary Insurance.

You can choose to pay your subscription monthly by Direct Debit, or annually in advance either by Direct Debit, cheque or by credit card to Denplan. Annual payments are calculated on a calendar year basis.

Please note that a one-off registration fee of