About Us

Founded in 1970 by Drs. David Thomas & Richard Porter this practice has been looking after the dental care of the people of Wednesfield for 40 years. Following their retirement in 1999 it was taken over by Dr. Matthew Gibbons who has been with the practice since 1985. Since this time there has been considerable investment in the premises and equipment to bring the highest modern standards of comfort and care available. We are proud to have been an approved Postgraduate Training Practice by Birmingham University Dental School since 1993 both under Professor David Thomas and Drs. Matthew Gibbons and Liz Roberts.

The Dentists

  • Dr. Matthew Gibbons BChD Leeds (1981) (Practice Principal and Contract Holder)
  • Dr. Sumeet Bassan BDS Dundee (2004)
  • Dr. Kimia Malakouti BDS Manchester (2008)
  • Dr. Inderpal Bhamber BDS Birmingham (2005)
  • Dr May Ali BDS Birmingham (2007)
  • Dr Esha Nijran BDS Sheffield (2015)
  • Mrs. Judie Henfry EDH (Hygienist) Birmingham (1975)

Your Dental Team

  • Miss Vicki Derbyshire (Practice Manager)
  • Mrs Michelle Watton (DCP)
  • Mrs Rebecca Jones (DCP) DR
  • Mrs Michelle Somerfield-Tonks (DCP)
  • Mrs Amy White (DCP) DR
  • Mrs Nicola Trainer (DCP) DR
  • Mrs Katie Sampson (DCP)
  • Miss Catherine Lloyd (DCP)
  • Miss Natalie Cooper (DCP)
  • Miss Suzanne Wiley (DCP)
  • Mrs Gaynor Welsh (DCP)

Private and NHS Care

Since January 2004 this practice has seen a gradual change from our traditional NHS base to caring for our patients under Denplan insurance or Private Care options. Places are always available to join either scheme. Please ask at Reception for further details on how to join.

Depending on availability of appointments NHS patients are welcome at the practice. We try to accommodate appointment booking requests but please note that “Dental Activity” is closely monitored and regulated by the PCT and because of this appointments may not always be available with either the Dentist of your choice or at a time and date most convenient to you. Again for further details please ask at Reception.


  • Wheelchair access is available.
  • Home Visits (Ask reception staff for details)
  • We accept all major credit / debit cards
  • Dedicated Hygienist Surgery
  • Decontamination Suite
  • Guide Dogs welcome
  • On-site parking

Please tell us of any changes of address/phone numbers so we can update our records.